Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knight cont....

More progress on this Monk figure....

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Artist Preservation Group - Raffle 2009

I'd like to share some information that some of you may know and others may not. I am an active member of the Artist Preservation Group and would like to discuss a unique opportunity that we are offering to the miniature community. I've been fortunate enough, in my modelling career, to have had my original sculptures produced by some of the top figure manufacturers in our hobby including Pegaso Models, Masterclass/White Models, Michael Roberts Ltd., Adalbertus, United Empire, Model Cellar and others. Now, I offer my sculpting and painting services to you. By purchasing a raffle ticket from the APG, your name will be added to the hat to possibly win a bust or full figure sculpted and painted by myself. As the winner, you will choose 3 subjects you'd like me to sculpt for you and I'll select the piece that I feel I can best depict for you in miniature. I expect the winners input into the piece so you can have it exactly as you imagine. You are not limited to historical figures only. Some of those whom have already purchased tickets have in mind family members they want to pay homage to or fantasy/film characters they want to see brought to life. This is a project I'm proud to do for the APG and will give my best efforts to create a unique piece for the hobby fan, modeller, or collector. Figure manufacturers are also encouraged to enter the drawing as well. I assure you that the price of a $10 ticket is a definite price break on my usual fee;-)Where can you purchase tickets? It's easy. One ticket is $10 or you can buy 6 for $50. To keep the odds of winning excellent, the raffle is limited to a mximum of 500 issued tickets. The drawing will be held at the APG Show in Gettysburg, PA August 8, 2009. If you wait to buy tickets at the APG Show, you may be too late. They're going quick.To purchase online, visit:

In addition, you may purchase tickets at our vendor table at the upcoming MFCA Show and also from John Jeffries at this weekend's upcoming show in Chicopee, Mass. The Artist Preservation Group is an organization with which I feel priveleged to associate. Through their tireless efforts, they are contributing real aid, real money and real results to preserving our nations history and historical artifacts for future generations. If that's not a worthy cause, I don't know what is. See you at the drawing in Gettysburg!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

54mm Knight

Here is a figure I've been wanting to paint since it was released last year. It's a Pegaso kit sculpted by the great Andrea Jula of a Monk warrior from the Brothers of the Sword or Fratres Militiae Christi. from around 1200 AD. This is a great exercise in painting white which is one of my favorite colors to paint. I've slightly modified the face on this piece from the original by adding some volume to the brow, nose and lower lip to give him a more intense expression. I hope you like it. More updates soon....

Monday, March 9, 2009

W.S. Hancock - APG Bust

Hi again. Just a few sample pics to show some of the painting progress on the new Artist Preservation Group release of General Hancock. I won't do my usual documenting of the painting progress here as I'll be doing a seminar on the sculpting and painting of this bust at the APG's Gettysburg Show in August. The seminar will be very detailed on the creating and sculpting as well as the painting and finishing of this piece. I hope to see you in Gettysburg!


Monday, March 2, 2009

New Painting Project

Hello and thanks for visiting. In the following months, I will be building and painting these two incredible kits from Pegaso Models for a collector friend of mine. They depict Hernan Cortes and Montezuma II. I think I'll start with Cortes. More pics to come soon. I'm anxious to get the brushes out on these guys.