Saturday, May 28, 2011

George III

This one was just released today. A very characterized version of the King late in his rule. I'm honored to have one of my favorite figure painters do the boxart. Cheers to Sang Eon-Lee for bringing the piece to lefe with his version. This kit is now availble from Michael Miniatures and has been added to their United Empire Miniatures range. Interesting fact that my first commercially produced bust was released by United Empire Miniatures some years back.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hussar Bust for Pegaso Models

Here are some pics (courtesy of Pegaso) of a bust I sculpted some time ago for them that has just been released. Massimo did the painting for the boxart. I hope to get time to paint one myself sometime.

New Fantasy Bust Sculpt

Hello, everyone! I finished a bust that was commissioned from a friend and thought I'd post a few pics. It's around 200mm. Look for this one soon as the person who commissioned it is a great painter and will be painting it for possible display at WE 2012. Enjoy! I used the wife's DSLR camera for these shots. Too complicated for me to figure out, but these came out ok, I think.