Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Serious Update....

Here is the sculpt with a bit more volume definition. I have started to get more refining done on the rough features or structure of the face and am starting to get into the finished volumes. I'll keep refining these rough shapes until the final likeness starts to emerge! This is a fun one. It's a single piece so I have no concerns about size, casting issues, etc. Still working out ideas on facial expression and pose. I want to capture something of this great character. Not easy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Portrait Update..Any guesses yet??

Here is a small update to a new sculpt started a couple of days ago. Still in it's rough form, but the volumes are starting to go in now, so the likeness will start to develop a bit now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jack Aubrey Bust

Here is my recently completed painting of the Young Miniatures Capt. Jack bust. I reworked the likeness to Russell Crowe a bit (see earlier post). Painted in acrylics with ink/oil mixes used on the buttons.

Why So Serious????

Here's one I've been looking forward to starting for a while. It's another film character recreation from the fantasy/comic realm. Here he is after the first session. I have learned finally from painful experience to not rush portraits at this stage. It's a much better use of time getting the structure and forms/volumes right before starting the fine features. This will not be a commercial release, I'm afraid. I will have him completed and painted for the Chicago Show in October. Stay tuned for more updates on this one.

New Head Sculpt

Hello and thanks for visiting. A friend recently commissioned this 200mm or 1/9th scale head sculpt and here's how it finished. I believe it will be added to a bust (sculpted by someone else) depicting him in his modern, Italian army uniform and gear. Anyway, I continue to enjoy the challenges of sculpting from photographs only. It is frustrating at times especially without 3/4 views and views from above and below the subject, but we do what we can. My version has a bit wider face, but I think from other pictures I've seen of the subject, the ones sent to me suffer from lens distortion which makes the nose appear larger and the eyes farther apart. The likeness suffers from not having all the info I need from a real sitting, but flying to Italy wasn't budgeted this month unfortunately! Enjoy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Masterclass Release - Toto Bust

Hello friends!

Italian model company Masterclass, has just officially released a bust I made for them earlier this year. It is a portrait piece of Italian comedic actor Antonio de Curtis or "Toto". His face was particularly challenging to recreate as the actor had his face disfigured in an auto accident as a teenager. I think my attempt at the likeness is fair. I include here a few pics of the master and also the boxart picture painted by Italian artist, Elio Stella. I hope to get the time to paint one for myself at some point. Thanks for looking.

I'll have a few more commercial releases coming up soon. In fact, I shipped another piece to a manufacturer yesterday that will see daylight on the market perhaps late summer.