Friday, September 7, 2007

Sculpting Completed - Arapaho Warrior

Here are some pics of the finished bust. Thanks for looking. The bust will be released in the near future by Pegaso Models of Italy.


Paul Gruendler said...

Magnificent, Matt! Missed you at the meeting today at AAA Hobbies. We would have congratulated you on your TWO GOLD MEDALS won at the Chicago show. Dee was there and filled us in on details -
You have inspired me to start a Sculpey project for the next meeting!

Stefano Grandi said...

Volevo farti i miei complimenti per la tua capacita' di fare le sculture.Bravo!!!

Matt Springer said...

Thanks, guys. Glad to hear from you both.

Stefano-Ringraziamenti per le osservazioni piacevoli, Stefano. Penso che il busto possa essere liberato al expo Girona 2008 del mondo.

Peter Hayes said...

Was this bust ever released by Pegaso? I would love a copy of this! Got any spare Matt? ;)

Matt Springer said...


The bust will be released by Pegaso. They are holding it for a special, limited edition run as it is much larger than their normal 200mm range of busts. I didn't make a casting before I sent it to them unfortunately. This was one of my favorite sculpts and I'd like to paint one myself! Keep an eye on my site and Pegaso's site for release info.