Friday, July 18, 2008

Taxi Driver Bust Now Available....

My portrait bust of the "Taxi Driver" is now available as an unpainted kit. The piece made it's big debut in Girona at World Expo 2008. See the Pegaso Models website for more information or visit an authorized Pegaso retailer near you!

Here is the boxart painted by Italian Master, Pietro Baloni.

Here is a picture of the bust I found on display at the Pegaso stand at World Expo. It's on the top shelf in the middle. See it?
I'm very proud to have realized a bust for Pegaso Models. I've admired their quality for many years and am thrilled to see my name on one of their boxes. They have also purchased the master for my Arapaho bust that I sculpted last year. There are pics here on my blog if you search back in the older projects. I hope to see that one released soon. Maybe at EuroMilitaire?
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