Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Bust - Sonja


Here is my progress on a new private commission sculpt based on Rhona Mitra's character Sonja from the new Underworld film. The face is still in progress and the arms are temporarily tacked in place for the pics, but I think you can see the general idea. I spent alot of time trying to recreate the look or her chainmail as worn in the film. It's very fine and the pattern is really tight rather than traditional mail so it needed a different technique. I ended up using a round needle file rolled across the almost cured putty to create the feminine type of mail pattern the character wears. I'm just starting on the gorget and shoulder armor. The right hand will be wielding the big sword and the left will have a clenched fist or possibly open fingers. Not sure yet on that. I'm really enjoying this one. I've wanted to sculpt a female subject in armor for a while. More updates soon. I hope to have her done soon.


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