Friday, April 10, 2009

Jack Aubrey Bust

Here's a new project I'm doing. It's the incredible sculpture of a Royal Navy Captain, 1806 from Young Miniatures. The bust depicts Russell Crowe from the film Master and Commander. Looking at the box art, the sculptor (Ahn Jun Sik) and painter (Lee Sang Eon) have created a great likeness of Russel Crowe. Once I opened the box and looked at the unpainted face and compaired it to photos of Crowe that I got form the internet, I noticed a few details that I thought I could modify to improve the great likeness already there. Well, a few details led to an eventual rework of all the main features including eyes, nose, mouth and even the jaw line, chin and brows. I think this gives me a more accurate starting off point for my painting to follow. No way I could have improved upon anything else on this great bust, so I'll be priming him up and painting him soon.

Thanks for looking.

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