Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ardennes 1944

Here is my slightly modified Young Miniatures bust I'm doing for delivery at the Gettysburg Show. It has had his face resculpted and I also added texture to the coat to help simulate the heavy wool. The original was too smooth. I created the texture by stippling on some liquid magic sculpt with a stiff brush. This was allowed to dry and the process repeated to build up the right amount of texture. Also experimenting on the flesh tones with some blues and greens worked in. I want this guy to look like he's been through hell as the real guys were.

More to come soon.....


Jamie Stokes said...

Matt, like how you have started this figure.

As for testure, some have used talcum powder on fresh paint.

Any thoughts on using different meduiums for different textural effects?

Personaly, I am a bit hesitant to use some texture materials (such as salt, sodium bicard, talc) as I am usure what may happens months or years down the track?

Like you sharing your work.


Matt Springer said...


Thanks for the comments. When making busts, the larger scale demands some textures doesn't it? I have experimented before with texture effects and always like what they add to a piece. I tend to stick with my slip method of stippling texture rather than paint additives, though. I have seen the salt method used to pretty good effect.