Monday, June 18, 2007

Workbench Updates - Summer 2007

It's been some time since I last updated my Blog, so here is some news. I was happy to have sold my last sculpt of the 506th, E Company, Captain -1944 and it should be released in late summer in time for the Euro Militaire show. Check back here or on Timelines Forum for more updates on this release. I'll be painting the box art for it as well which I'm looking forward to doing.

I have a new sculpt underway. This time it's another Native American subject. This will be a very dramatic piece that will include a stuffed crow for a hair ornament as well as a nice buffalo robe. The scale is 250mm.

I've also included some pictures of a nearly completed 54mm ACW stock figure and a 90mm medieval standard bearer. Both piece are being painted for collectors.

Thanks for looking in and I'll try to keep more updates coming.


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