Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Casimir Pulaski

Here are a couple of pic of the painted Pulaski bust I sculpted for Adlabertus Minitures of Poland. These are the boxart pics. Painted in acrylics with some oil glazes to the cap, collar and hair to give them some sheen (Martin or Charlie?) and depth.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Matt, AWESOME job. Your sculpting and painting have really evolved in a few short years. ~Gary

PS, The knight is nice too.

Dani Serrano said...

A great piece. How did you painted the metal part?


Matt Springer said...

Thanks, Gary. I've been working very hard at learning to "see" my own mistakes and then correcting them. Thanks for the nice comment.

Matt Springer said...

Thanks, Dani. I like your avatar. I've got a Husky myself.

The metal Ryngraf (gorget) was undercoated with burnt umber Vallejo. I use a form of gold printers ink that is found in paint pens at a local craft store. The brand is Prismacolor. They make a metallic gold and a silver as well. I just put some on my palette and mix in some burnt sienna and burnt umber oil paint. The fist coat is very dark with very little gold. From there I build up the highlights by adding more and more gold until my final highlight with the pure gold ink. I also add some shadows and outlining with oils. The key with it is to get really high jumps in contrast for more of a metallic look. I hope this makes sense.