Tuesday, February 5, 2008

George Washington 1776

Here is the completed piece. I hope you like it. Not sure if this is exactly how he looked, but I think it's partly fact and partly the way I imagine him.


Jason said...


This bust is flippin' gorgeous!

Is GW going commercial?

Well done!


Matt Springer said...


Thanks! Yes. Casting will be available through The Artist Preservation Group. They should have more info up on their site in the next few days. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

great job MAtt. Your busts are absolutely beautiful. Shuold i have the link to buy it?.

can I ask you to post some of them in www.figurinitaly.com it's the italian forum..

have a nice easter


Matt Springer said...

Thank you for your nice comments and the invitation to post on figurinitaly.com. I will register and hope for the best. My Italian is awful!

Eric Mosso said...

Hi Matt,

This is a voice out of the past. I've been following your work in Historical Miniature Magazine and just found your site. Your sculpting and painting is just incredible! I hope all is well. I haven't been to any shows the past 3 years but plan on attending MFCA. Will you be there? Maybe we can catch up. If not, please email me at epmosso@zoominternet.net. By the way, I must have that George Washington bust! Take care. P.S. Are you still playing base guitar?