Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Head Sculpt

Hello and thanks for visiting. A friend recently commissioned this 200mm or 1/9th scale head sculpt and here's how it finished. I believe it will be added to a bust (sculpted by someone else) depicting him in his modern, Italian army uniform and gear. Anyway, I continue to enjoy the challenges of sculpting from photographs only. It is frustrating at times especially without 3/4 views and views from above and below the subject, but we do what we can. My version has a bit wider face, but I think from other pictures I've seen of the subject, the ones sent to me suffer from lens distortion which makes the nose appear larger and the eyes farther apart. The likeness suffers from not having all the info I need from a real sitting, but flying to Italy wasn't budgeted this month unfortunately! Enjoy.


Jim Johnston said...

Yes Matt, it is a good likeness and I agree that the photo has been distorted. Fun to watch you work.

Jamie Stokes said...

Matt, a very good likeness. Perhaps a bit wider in the face, I only picked that up because you pointed it out though.

Still, you achieved a likeness, which was the goal.

well done


Matt Springer said...

Thanks, guys. Tricky situation to sculpt a likeness from only a distorted front shot and two profile shots. I had to guess on alot of the forms and volumes. It's further complicated by hoping not to offend the subject and to create a slighlty Baroque or "Classical" heroic version of the subject.

Thanks again and back to the bench....